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BB Kabbalah

The Truth you will not be told

False Beginnings: In loving memory of Patrick Legault

Patrick Legault was an instructor for the English Education Center of Bnei Baruch in North America. He was also fully involved in Bnei Baruch's social organization cover up, called Mutual Responsibility. We'd like to honor his memory and the unappreciated effort he put in his work by making public his deep involvement in Bnei Baruch, his suicide, and how Bnei Baruch tried to conceal it, and disassociate themselves from Patrick Legault. 

In Bnei Baruch, our communication would include the following tacitily mandatory salutes: "WE are One Man with One Heart", "Love and Unity", "He is Good That Does Good", "There is None Else Besides Him", "Only Together"... This never sat well with several of us, but we were told it was a "make-believe" game, like children's play. In reality, Laitman would say, people are unable to love in this world, they are just beasts. We just had to put an "act" on, as if it were true that we loved, and then... IT WOULD BECOME TRUE???? Apparently yes, although there was never a clear answer to it. Yet BB followers are under the impression that they will cross the mythical "machsom" (barrier) between this world of "evil and hatred" and some invisible blissful existence, and then everything will be beautiful and justifiable. EVERYTHING!!! Murder, torture, abuse, oppression... None of that would be real in our eyes because we would live in constant "dvekut" (union) with the Creator, who is only good and does only good. WE are the ones who are evil for thinking otherwise. Ok, so we went along with it. Maybe it was true, right? It was just an experiment, a game. But the experiment finally showed results: one of our closest friends not only was unable to reach the blessed state of crossing "machsom" (like everybody else except for Laitman), on the contrary: he killed himself.

"In the beginning I couldn't stop thinking about how Patrick Legault must have felt on that last crucial reversible minute of his life. Of course my thoughts were just reminding me of my own self and what I knew: It could have been me any of the times that I was brought to that same point by those people, just a reversible last minute. Apparently none of them could have bothered to wonder for one second who Patrick was, not even now. His very highly "spiritual" friends, the ones that promised love and "bestowal" were the ones who just used him as a disposable cogwheel, to be replaced by the next spare piece in their spiritual machine. Replaced as well as disgraced, because... His very BB "friends" spread that he was just an ill person after all, too weak to be a "spiritual soldier of love". What was all this now finally telling me? But no. I need to start at the beginning, not at the end. I need to educate you in the method of the kabbalah of Bnei Baruch. You need to learn what every day was like, the routine of how the programming was slowly but surely dripped into your brain. Maybe then you too can wonder about how Patrick must have felt at that fateful minute, and why in its 60th final second he hung himself amid the "love" and "unity" of a global family. Let me now disrupt this false beginning, and start again." 

These were the thoughts written online by a former Bnei Baruch worker. After this suicide several of us unsuccessfully demanded answers from Bnei Baruch. A few weeks later, another young man from a BB group in Europe also committed suicide.

What is Bnei Baruch a.k.a BB

According to their English "educational" website this is their self-definition:

"Bnei Baruch is a diverse movement of many thousands of students worldwide. Each student chooses his or her own path and intensity of the study of Kabbalah, according to one's personal conditions and abilities. In recent years, the group has grown into a movement engaged in voluntary educational projects, presenting genuine Kabbalah sources in the style of contemporary languages. The essence of the message disseminated by Bnei Baruch is unity of the people, unity of nations and love of man"

In reality, Bnei Baruch is a "movement" commanded by central headquarters in Tel-Aviv, Israel, under the direction of Michael Laitman, with one very clear goal in mind: to secure the absolute global power of the state of Israel under a political Zionist hegemony that will subjugate all nations in the world to the dogmatic authority of the most totalitarian anti-Jewish ideology. We are here to help you learn about the actual facts Laitman wants BB to carefully hide from you. Join our Forum and check our News, daily updated with different details.

Who is Michael Laitman

According to BB's descriptions, Michael Laitman is:

"Founder of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, which is dedicated to teaching and sharing the wisdom of Kabbalah. Professor of Ontology, PhD in Philosophy and Kabbalah, and MSc in bio-Cybernetics. Father of three and grandfather of three."

In reality, Michael Laitman behaves like a fanatic preacher of his own version of kabbalah, detached from any of its ancient kabbalistic roots, and applied precisely in the manner that all Jewish wisdom has warned against. We would like to help you reveal some light with News and Discussions out of the darkness of deceit and confusion disseminated by Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch.

Many claim to offer you unique and authentic paths out of this world. Join our site and participate in forum discussions about different spiritual paths and possible signs of cult structure. Help people reveal how they may be unaware victims of subtle and damaging mind control patterns. Register

“It is not a government of national unity that we need, but a military rule that will have absolute power [...] These days we don’t need a Knesset (parliament) whose seats are filled by our natural enemies – the Arab deputies (who don’t hide this fact), and the peacemakers who have paralyzed the people’s will to live on this land.” Michael Laitman. Article from his blog posted on April 9th, 2008