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BB Kabbalah

The Truth you will not be told

About Us and Our Intention

This website has been created for people who 

  • are involved in Bnei Baruch and are questioning that involvement,
  • or who are considering getting involved with Bnei Baruch and who are researching it,
  • or for those who are seeking more information about BB and Michael Laitman, perhaps for personal reasons or because they have family members or friends who are involved with them.

This website was created by people who spent many years involved with "The Group" and the organization - by people who knew and participated in the operations of the inner circle personally, by ex-Senior Manager members, and by people who spent years and many thousands of dollars going to "Congresses" and doing dissemination. This site is mainly their stories, their experiences, their reflections of their time spent in Bnei Baruch. 

This website is not intended to be an "anti-Bnei Baruch" site, but more a site that tells the other side of the BB story - the side that the organization doesn't want you to know about. Bnei Baruch's PR machine portrays Laitman and the activities of his BB "friends" as a humanitarian "kli" (vessel or vehicle) which wants to "save the world". Those who have been involved with Bnei Baruch have had many experiences that are counter to that PR and it is important that the other side of the story be told.

We hope to give people enough information to make an informed decision regarding their involvement in Bnei Baruch and Laitman's doctrine. Many, many people admit to feeling that "something isn't quite right" while in the organization and its group structure, but could never really put their finger on what it is. We hope that this site will enable a person to find out for themselves why they feel that way, and to gain an understanding that it is not "just them". Many people have left BB over the years for very similar reasons, but until now they have been unable, afraid or unwilling to make the truth public.

Michael Laitman heavily discourages his followers from reading anything other than the books published through Bnei Baruch translations and authoring. If you are scrutinizing your involvement in Bnei Baruch, a question you could ask yourself is "Why is the organization so afraid of its members questioning the intention or demanding transparency about the decrees and orders coming from its Israeli Headquarters?" The standard line from Michael Laitman and his BB hierarchy is that "you have to cancel your ego to the Upper". If this true, is the Upper a spiritual force that each person can connect to internally, or is it an external authority demanding obedience and ultimately embodied by Laitman and his son-in-law, Mooshy Sanilevich?

You decide, because now we are bringing you access to the Truth that BB does not want you to know. It is our intention to return your free will back to you by giving you inside information gathered through years of experiences we lived in BB, and that we consider to be very harmful and dangerous to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 

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Don't be afraid of the Boogie Man. Read on. Find out. Think for yourself. You are not alone. BB-Kabbalah The Truth