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Laitman's Brainwashing Program For Israel

Posted by bbedcenter on October 6, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

As victims of former dictatorships and religious cults understand clearly, brainwashing is certainly the favorite tool of those seeking totalitarian power and supreme control. We live in a society where the marketing industry also manipulates us through peer pressure and victimizes us into their desires for our consumption of lies. Michael Laitman, the master mind behind the party ביחד (Together), is a prime example of those who seek supreme power, and he doesn't hide it. As an enlightened powermonger, he also agrees that brainwashing is the most efficient and powerful technique to get his way.

We in support of a free world disagree with Michael Laitman and the surreptitious tactics of the party ביחד (Together). We think that brainwashing is in fact the root of most social problems, and allows the interest of a minority elite to rule over the interest of the common people. We think that it is truth and transparency of actions that will ever bring peace and knowledge to all, and not just to those who think themselves better than the rest.

For that reason, we want to bring Israelis the truth behind the party ביחד (Together): Michael Laitman and his brainwashing machine -Bnei Baruch.

Here are some of Laitman's views on brainwashing:

"Through real brainwashing, we will come to understand the importance of integration, unity, and mutual guarantee. Then, we will miss this; we will suddenly desire this. Why? It’s because the general awareness of the importance prevailing in the environment will rule over me since I am under its influence."~ 'Rav' Michael Laitman`Bnei Baruch Kabbalah "The Arvut Movement" (3 august 2011, 2:17 Pm)

"All of this is an enormous amount of information that must go through him and gradually brainwash his so-called brain (you cannot call it anything else), and he willingly agrees with it. We do not hide what we are doing: We are reprogramming him." Integral Upbringing, Talk 9, December 15, 2012  [unfortunately, the party ביחד (Together) and Bnei Baruch DO HIDE what they are doing]


But how can this be done?” you ask. The answer is: by realizing your free choice through creating an environment around you that will constantly brainwash you and press on your feelings with the profit of bestowal. Posted on October 24th, 2011 at 8:15 pm  [please, notice the use of  "the profit of bestowal" and "free choice", in the classical 'doublespeak' style describe in the famous novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four"']

"A person can check how included he is in the group and whether it is able to provide a new intention for him. Obviously, bestowal is opposite to his nature and he is initially unwilling to do this, yet he must artificially build himself and his environment so it really “brainwashes” him.Posted on November 17th, 2010

"How can I get a desire for it? It is possible if I get impressed by the environment that tells me about it. Meaning, I need a good, big environment that “will brainwash me” to such a degree that I will really want something I do not want now. And we can see that the society is able to do it."


If those around you start “brainwashing you,” you will begin to appreciate bestowal: “Why don’t I bestow?” You will be walking around with this question from morning to night: “Why do I lack it? Where can I find it? Perhaps here? Perhaps there?” You will look for it everywhere as if hypnotized." Oct 9th 2011

"It doesn’t matter that I want to manipulate myself into buying the spiritual product. I put this desire through the group, through their desires, and it returns to me in an unrecognizable form. As a result, I become inspired and, literally out of necessity, strive toward spiritual fulfillment.


What is passed through the others is no longer mine. My initial message became saturated by the friends’ desire, and now the entire group gets hooked on this lie: “You know, it’s so cool there, in spirituality! Compared to our world, it’s like heaven on earth!”


They brainwash me with messages they don’t believe. They want to sell me a product and make a profit on being the advertisers for it, while I take their words seriously and exert great effort to purchase the spiritual world for myself." Posted on May 7th, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Is Laitman's brainwashing program the future of Israeli politics? We certainly hope not. We support intelligence for all in human nature!! 

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Laitman's Machiavellic Politics

Posted by bbedcenter on October 3, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Is the common Israeli citizen tired of democracy? Are the majority of Israelis seeking a New Theocratic Order similar to the one in some fanatic Muslim countries, supporting a few "self-righteous" figures at the top to rule over citizens' businesses, their family life, their freedom to follow or not to follow a religion or a particular view or philosophy? Does the average Israeli want to be told what is morally acceptable or not in his/her life style? Or are Israelis being tricked into such theocratic order, and is their vote being manipulated by deception and intentional concealment and turned against their free will?

We in support of a free world and a free society trust that the average and intelligent Israeli citizen will never willingly and freely advocate the autocracy of any totalitarian system. That's the reason why we want to bring them crucial information which is otherwise intentionally being hidden from them, regarding the candidates running for municipal elections under the party ביחד, (Together), running in the October 2013 municipal elections. These candidates are only following an ideological program, based on religious fanaticism disguised as "new science", which is the creation of Michael Laitman. He is the ultimate ruler directing all moves of this party, even more tightly and skillfully than Machiavelli would be advicing the Prince.

In order to bring the clarity and transparency that Israeli voters deserve, we are publishing these statements made by Michael Laitman which clearly reflect his standing and intention regarding politics and social order.

"ISRAELIS living in America HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING BENEFICIAL FOR THEIR NATION, Israel, or Kabbalah! They have been the MOST EGOISTICALLY REPULSIVE tribe in America! And as long as they stay that way, I don’t care where they live. Now they’re returning to Israel so others can take care of them here! They’re still completely unfit to disseminate Kabbalah in America." Laitman, December 14th, 2008




These days WE DON'T NEED A KNESSET (parliament) whose seats are filled by our NATURAL ENEMIES – the Arab deputies (who don’t hide this fact), and THE PEACEMAKERS who have paralyzed the people’s will to live on this land.” Laitman, April 2008 Are Kabbalists For War or For Peace?


"For Russian-speaking Israelis

Although I teach and speak mostly in Hebrew, among the Israelis the response is minimum. They are killed spiritually. New Russian-speaking Israelis - not so. And so I believe that if 20-30% of Russian-speaking Israelis were INTERESTED IN SUPREME CONTROL, we would radically change the whole structure of the country, THE BALANCE OF POWER IN THE WORLD.


To change the character of the Supreme Control IN OUR FAVOR, there is NO NEED for millions of people. This change is defined as a PYRAMID, the units at THE HEAD of the spiritual movement of the people."


Political Control Of Israel: Michael Laitman's New "Dissemination" Program

Posted by bbedcenter on October 1, 2013 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

It has come to the attention of a group of concerned Israeli citizens that a party in the municipal elections coming up in Israel on October 22, is not what appears to be. It suspiciously conceals its true origin, its fanatic religious roots and its totalitarian social foundation. The party's name is ביחד, (Together). If you click here you will see the candidates. They are all long time followers of Michael Laitman, mainly from Bnei Baruch tightly secretive inner group, who carry out Laitman's direct orders through the international management of the Bnei Baruch organization, which extends to branches worldwide.

Our highly concerned Israeli citizens are trying to reach out to the local voters in Petah Tikva, to warn them of the true deceiving nature of the Together party. Their concern is founded on the fact that their families have personally been victims of the devastation of Michael Laitman's thought reform techniques, which he himself blatantly calls "the light that reforms". Fearing actions of retaliation from Laitman's organization, which unfortunately these people have also experienced before when trying to expose Bnei Baruch, listed as a cult in two directories in the United States, this group of people prefers to remain anonymous, although their message is loud and clear. They are delivering thousands of fliers in the area, like the one shown in the illustration below, in an effort to wake voters to the reality of what the Together party truly stands for.


This is by no means the first attempt that Laitman has made at manipulation of political elections, as you can see by this "order" that he had sent out to Bnei Baruch American voters during the 2012 presidential elections. In addition, he had several blog posts published (now deleted), he drilled the message during his morning lessons, and brought it to the "ordinary" people in his Ask the Kabbalist show, as seen in this video, which is also hard to find on the internet any longer. 

Bnei Baruch is registered as a non-profit organization in the USA, in order to avoid the payment of taxes on all the money they collect from their book sales, membership tithes, donations and congresses. Why then is an alleged "spiritual" teacher meddling in international politics, as this document proves, which breaks US laws forbidding non-profits to engage in the promotion of political interests?

Michael Laitman may think himself more powerful than evidence bears, as his failure to get Romney into office shows us. But now he has recalculated the plan, and has decided that maybe more modest beginnings could prove more effective to succeed in his ambition for social control. For that he is counting on the highest commanding officers of his cult, Bnei Baruch, and on the success of the deception and inception plan to keep local voters in Petah Tikva ignorant about who the ביחד (Together) party candidates really are.

Keep reading more about the  ביחד, (Together) party and the Master Mind behind it. May Intelligence be with you against Michael Laitman's desire, voters. Good luck, the world of sanity wants to send you support!!

What Bnei Baruch Does Not Want You To Find Part 2

Posted by bbedcenter on August 12, 2013 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

We are now continuing with a series of posts which would be very difficult to find without access to proper resources. We will be presenting articles by author Tomer Persico, a well known Israeli researcher of Jewish Studies and New Age Spritiuality, associated to Tel Aviv University. The professional translation of the articles has been financed by supporters of our search for truth regarding Laitman's thought reform manipulations through a web of deception called Bnei Baruch, or "The Factory".


Rabbi Laitman Re-Writes Kabbalah's history


In the introduction to his book “The Gates of Righteousness” Rabbi Yoseph Gikatilla, one of the first and greatest Kabbalists of 13th century Spain, begins with a warning worth heeding: “For the Sages have said: The Lord is most strict with the righteous ones .” Gikatilla tells us a simple thing: God demands the most meticulous adherence from his most righteous followers. Why do I open with this observation? Because I believe we should apply the same principle when we attempt to ascertain whether a certain spiritual teacher is a true guide, or not. And with this admonition I refer to Rabbi Dr. Michael Laitman.


In recent years the Israeli media has been airing, in printed and videotaped form, quite a few dialogues of some celebrity or other with said kabbalist rabbi. In these encounters Laitman assumes the figure of the omniscient sage, leaving his interlocutors to play the part of “He who knows not to ask” - the clueless son from the Haggadah whose father in tasked with “opening for him”, and showing the poor soul the way to the light.


And why celebrities? It appears that the Bnei Baruch movement has become most envious of its elder sibling, The Center for Kabbalah, which sports international superstars such as Madonna and Demi Moore, and also wanted to show that celebrities seeking meaning for their lives are willing to buy its wares. For ten measures of celebrities have descended upon New Age, and if The Center for Kabbalah and Scientology hath taken nine among them, Bnei Baruch also coveted a measure of false fame, also desired a measure of the golden calf.


Twenty-two celebrities made pilgrimage to Laitman, speaking with him in meetings that were also filmed and broadcast on the “Karma” channel, from rock star Arkadi Duchin and poets Agi Mishol and Ronnny Somek to MTV veteran Eden Harel, from investigative reporter Gideon Reicher to former IAF Commander Eitan Ben Eliyahu. Recently this series of talks was collated in a book (available for download free of charge here [Heb]), and this is a good opportunity to summarize the reading experience.


Well, bottom line first: The book is full of hogwash as a pomegranate seeds and as usual, the problems begin with presumption. Laitman writes two bad checks: One is the presentation of his method as “science” and the second is his claim to speak for all of Kabbalah. Let us dismantle these claims one by one:


A science in every way

So first, Laitman claims it's all scientific with him. It's “Not a philosophy nor a faith,” but “a science in every way” (p. 40). “Kabbalah is a science” (p. 219, and many places besides) he repeats, and proudly tells us that when he explains kabbalah across the great wide world, “scientists understand and accept it” (175). Well, I don't know what universe the kabbalist rabbi is living in, but even by Laitman's own testimony, in this very book, one can clearly see that any relation between him and the empirical world as science understands it is purely coincidental.


For instance, Laitman has an alternative history of the Jewish people: According to him, “Abraham was the first kabbalist” (100) and until the destruction of the temple the People of Israel lived as one big kabbalistic community. Upon the destruction “they all fell to worldliness” (132) and began observing the commandments out of compulsion.


The problem is that any history book about the first and second temple periods disproves this fantasy: Jews were never cut of a single cloth, and were always divided and conflicted internally, and most of the time actually worshiped idols. Truth is, you don't need a history book for that – it's enough to read the bible.


But the kabbalist doctor deals not only in rewriting history, but also in denying modern research. It is of course his right to refuse to be impressed by findings that place the time of the Zohar's writing in the 13th century; but not to say a single word about how his traditional approach, which he repeats several times and which holds that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai wrote the book in the second century, lies in stark contrast to research consensus, is not a behavior consistent with scientific standards. Laitman relies on the ignorance of his readers on these matters and feeds them falsehoods.


By the way, this rhetorical trick where you call your fabrications “science” was known back in the days of Rudolph Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, in the early twentieth century, and it is still with us today with movements such as Transcendental Meditation and Scientology. Everyone wants some of the wonderful translucence of science to rub off on them, and Laitman is simply towing the line of other movements and sects. On the other hand, since Laitman apparently was a scientist before becoming a kabbalist (He claims to have been in bio-cybernetics,) one could have expected a little more scientific integrity from him.


THE Kabbalah?

It's not only the scientific pretension that knocks holes in the rabbi's credibility, but also his presenting his method as the Kabbalah. Laitman is erudite enough to know that besides the school of thought he represents there are many different others, each rooted in the immensely rich fountain of kabbalistic wisdom. Taking sole credit for this popular brand is a little much.


I mean, is it “Kabbalah” that claims that has always claimed that “the basic laws are the result of human thought” (106) – or in other words, a Jewish version of “The Secret”? Of course not. Did “Kabbalah” always claim that reward and punishment “mean nothing” and that common man has no free choice (117)? Of course not. Did “Kabbalah” always talk about how “observing commandments is beside the point” (27), meaning its adherents don't need to observe Halakhic laws? Guess.


Just to make clear, I am in no way claiming that what Laitman teaches isn't Kabbalah. Kabbalah isn't static and like anything else, including Judaism itself, it changes with time (although it is true that the scope of this change is rather surprising.) It’s just that Laitman's presumption to be the sole representative of Kabbalah is simply inappropriate, and borders on fraud.


At the same time Laitman repeats the well-known claptrap about how “science is now discovering facts that Kabbalah has been relying upon for thousands of years. Well, rabbi, here's a newsflash: Kabbalah hasn't existed for thousands of years. It originated in the 13th century. That's what science has discovered. And if indeed Kabbalah knows facts that science has yet to discover, please don't hold back: Tell us one provable or disprovable new fact, and I promise that we'll all be very proud to escort you to the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm.


So Laitman takes the name of both Kabbalah and science in vain. He feeds his listeners with fables as he baselessly pretends to global wisdom and complete certainty. He presents himself as a font of Kabbalic knowledge, and his listeners as babes in the woods who crawl to him to suck their fill. In the end they receive nothing more than a thin potion brewed by a witch-doctor.


Oh, by the way, anyone buying the book to understand anything about Kabbalah will be disappointed, since it says almost nothing about the teachings themselves, only about how good and wise and ancient and scientific those teachings are. Indeed, it appears that the book is not meant to introduce us to Laitman's Kabbalah, but rather to famous people who are themselves trying to understand Laitman's Kabbalah.


One last word, also having to do with false pretension: According to Laitman “all methods, save for Kabbalah, are based on the oppression of man” (29). I'm sorry, but the way to freedom from oppression begins and ends in knowledge of the truth. A road spun from fables and false pretensions cannot possibly lead there."

We are grateful to Tomer Persico and to our sponsor for funding this professional translations.

Our question: Is Laitman re-writing history or simply re-peating it by disseminating propaganda of xenophobia and anti-Semitism?  


BB Web of Deception and Lies -- The Dissemination Department

Posted by bbedcenter on July 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

It is well known that Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute uses many Front Organizations, which disguise their ties to Bnei Baruch and Michael Laitman while attempting to enlist recruits around specific concerns like the environment, social, and education policies. Some of these Bnei Baruch Front Organizations include Mutual Responsibility, Crossroads Times, Crossroads: The Film, Amalganation Magazine (, Ari Institute (, and Enter the Zohar. These front groups are organizations with innocent and often objective sounding names but in reality are funded by Bnei Baruch interests. More front groups are popping up all the time.

Another Bnei Baruch public relations campaign aimed at distorting the truth while hiding the negative and unpopular association with Bnei Baruch and Michael Laitman is Astroturfing. Astroturfing is a form of deceptive propaganda whose tactics include fake comments, reviews, made-up claims and testimonials and the practice of having a few people attempting to give the impression that mass numbers of enthusiasts advocate some specific cause. Bnei Baruch has organized teams of adherents dedicated to these deceptive practices and false advertising, which they collectively refer to as “dissemination to 99% of humanity.”

Some of the Bnei Baruch astroturfing teams include:

  • The Project World Events team whose work is to place comments on popular news sites on the Internet following the Bnei Baruch Commenting Techniques Guidelines and Training, and wherever possible to include a link to one of the Bnei Baruch Front Group websites. After posting a comment, the adherent reports back to the PWE team and provides a link to the comment so that other team members can go to the link to like the comment and reply with an additional supportive comment.


  • The Yahoo! Answers team whose work is to answer questions on Yahoo’s question answering service as well as on Quora in order to promote Bnei Baruch favorably. When Bnei Baruch is threatened by negative comments on these sites, they team up to drown them out.


  • The Book Review team whose work is to create favorable reviews for all of Michael Laitman’s books on major online listings services and bookstores. All of the reviews generated by the Bnei Baruch adherents range somewhere between enthusiastic and ecstatic.


  • Additionally, there are many Bnei Baruch adherents who are members of the Social Networking Team whose work is to follow, like, and promote content as directed and provided by Bnei Baruch on the major social networking websites, Facebook, Twitter etc. The adherents are trained according to Basic Laws of Communication provided by Moscow Psychologist Anatoly Ulyanov.



Sometimes one individual operates over many personas to give the impression of widespread support for the Bnei Baruch agenda.

While Astroturfing laws do exist to regulate deceptive practices in commerce, the Federal Trade Commission's current astroturfing regulations considers reviews endorsement be disclosed when reviewers or bloggers receive payment or in-kind payment such as free products, and they are rarely enforced. In the meantime, awareness is growing regarding this deceptive practice by cults as evidenced in the Scientology Wikipedia Ban prohibiting contributions from all IP addresses owned or operated by the Church of Scientology to Wikipedia articles relating to Scientology.






Laitman's Torah: A Potion Of Death?

Posted by bbedcenter on April 19, 2013 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (5)

We have already examined Laitman's feelings regarding the existence of the USA. He has clearly stated that it "has no right to exist", and has justified his opinion by describing Americans in the most negative perspective that his position would allow him to describe, short of sounding like an Ayatollah. In this way he speaks of people not as a man of compassion and justice, guided by the Torah teachings of the priceless value of human life, but as a war monger who lumps individuals in abstract and divisive categories to serve his political interests. It is surprising to hear this kind of death wish coming out of those who advertise themselves as kabbalah teachers.


We have wondered if maybe Laitman wrote that article in a particularly bad day that obstructed his judgement. But less than two months later, in December of 2012, he writes:

There is no more “Israeli nation” outside the state of Israel. On the contrary, the Israelis and the Jews in the diaspora are separated. It is enough to look at the American Jews who are dispersed both physically and morally; they don’t worry about Israel, only about themselves. What’s more, they want to show that they have no interest in the state of Israel, that they are “just like everyone else in America,” dedicated only to the country they live in. Once they were proud of their roots, but this has disappeared."

In contrast, he writes about Israeli Jewry

"today we must at least worry about the Jews who live in the land of Israel since they share the same corporeal fate.".


And then, in April of 2013, Laitman posts:

"The roots of the attitude toward the American Jews is that living in the most egoistic country of our world, they actively promote conservation, ossification of the egoism of this type [...] That is why, despite the fact that the majority of Jews do not live in the land of Israel, because of the key role of the US in the system of the egoistic relationships in our world, namely the American Jews are reproached. [...] the spiritual duty of American Jews is to get acquainted with the method of integral education and upbringing, to understand its meaning quickly and correctly. You have to keep in direct contact with us to clarify and verify the meaning, content, and purpose of the method, and implement it in your life and of the society you live in [...] The American Jews have recently become active opponents of Israel as they want to gain legitimacy and approval of anti-Semites."


So we have been wondering why a man who uses the name of kabbalah and Torah to appeal to a global mass of followers, is so intended in marking a separation of the Jewish nation, as to "those in Israel, and those outside of Israel", and why this man preaching unity is so consumed with pointing fingers and demonizing six and a half million Jews living in the United States, the largest population of Jewish people in the world. Over half a million more people than in the State of Israel.


If we use our own heads, instead of annuling our thoughts to the will of Michael Laitman, as he demands of his followers, we can notice that Laitman shows an almost desperate eagerness to create confrontation and divisiveness not only among Jews, but between two sides he wants to clearly define: the USA and Israel. It is obvious that Laitman is trying to polirize the global Jewish community and antagonize the world against the United States around the issue of the supremacy of the State of Israel. When he separates Israeli Jews from those in the rest of the world, not only does Laitman claim a superior holiness of the Israeli land over any other, in particular the US, but in Laitman's view this superior holiness entitles Israel to a parallelel political superiority, and according to him all Jews owe their alliance to it.

It is clear that embedded in Laitman's ideological system is the assumption that Judaism is not a religion, but that it is a political right that the state of Israel has the exclusive privilege of bestowing on to anybody who seeks to follow the Ancient Jewish path of the Torah. And Michael Laitman again appoints himself as the highest moral and spiritual authority to guide a Zionist led world, when he states that American Jews must "keep in direct contact with us to clarify and verify the meaning, content, and purpose of the method".


This brings us to the following questions:


  • Is being Jewish a matter of modern citizenship or an ancient spiritual and religious understanding?

  • Is demonizing all the Jews in a particular country NOT an anti-semitic action?

  • Is a Jew to follow the Torah, or to submit to self-interested and worldly representatives?

  • Was the world created equally sacred, or is a piece of land holier than another, so that wars can be fought over who has the "divine right" to control it?

  • Is being Jewish a path to bringing unity to human kind, or is it to seek the dominance of humanity under a division which promotes and defends Israeli superiority?

  • Does using the Torah to justify the holiness of self-appointed supremacy count as what in Jewish tradition is called to use Torah as The Potion Of Death?

  • Is Laitman teaching the Kabbalah of the Torah, or the kabblahblah of a political Zionist Agenda, disseminated by Bnei Baruch and its political arms of Mutual Responsibility (USA) and the Arvut Movement (Israel)?

  • And are Bnei Baruch's foot soldiers aware of what cause they are being used for?

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Laitman Vs. Nature: A Scientific Method Or A Pagan Spell?

Posted by bbedcenter on April 16, 2013 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (8)

Back in November of 2012, Michael Laitman wrote an article posted on his blog, entitled "Hurricane Sandy: The US Vs. Nature". Laitman did not miss his opportunity to take advantage of the then latest natural disaster in the United States, Hurricane Sandy. He used it as usual to encourage people's terror and keep them in fear of themselves, so that he can deceptively manipulate such fear into subliminal coercion and capture a naive audience which has just been hit by physical and emotional hardship. Laitman always takes advantage of opportune vulnerability to (mis)lead people into looking up to him for guidance in how to "fix" themselves, particularly in order to not "anger" Nature.

From Hurricane Sandy: The US Vs. Nature posted on November 2, 2012:

But generally speaking, Americans must understand that something is happening with the US. Once it was a dream, a model of democracy, and the search for something better. Despite all the dirt that our ego brings, no matter what it touched, there was also something good. But the positive aspect came to an end long ago when it turned into the exploitation of the whole world in order to satisfy the needs of Americans who are also proud of this situation.

Lately this phenomenon has reached such dimensions that in the current circumstances the US has no right to exist. So it turns out that in everything that you do, you harm others, and it is only in order to gain a bit more, even if you actually don’t need it. This approach is unthinkable since it is totally opposite from nature and doesn’t lead to correction.

The unique genius of Laitman rests on how artfully he distorts words, throwing semantic smoke that generates the following unconscious thought process:


  •  First, he brings in confusion skillfully injecting a lack of linguistic clarity. His speech manipulates his audience to think in undefined broad terms such as "Nature". In his lectures, Laitman claims to lead a scientific "spiritual" enterprise. As a scientist then one would have to ponder on questions such as: "what is this "nature" that I am so badly angering? What could I have possibly done that deserves such a cruel and unusual punishment? What horrible crime are these poor unaware victims guilty of?" But in reality Laitman is appealing to popular understandings, NOT to scientific thought. Popular understandings are the result of centuries of unconscious cultural conditioning. When it comes down to "spiritual" discourse, the term "nature" is a word used in pagan worship, NOT in scientific and objective thinking or in Jewish tradition. In the true scientific community of social sciences, the dilemma is actually called "Nature vs. Nurture". The meanings in this case are well defined for us within parameters given by a scientific (objective) context, and those meanings are precisely opposite to Laitman's populirized pagan use of the word "nature". Scientifically speaking, when we investigate the social essence at the core of human life, nature stands for the individual innate qualities of a person, and nurture represents the environment which provides the person with experiences. We can now easily see how Laitman distorts this very basic scientific understanding to mean exactly the opposite. In Laitman's manipulation, nature is the environment, and thus going against it will bring individuals disproportionate and horrendous punishments from "mother nature". Not only is nature the environment, but the convoluted part is that for Laitman it is NOT the natural environment of earth and the cosmic universe. In Laitman's twisted version of kabbalah, nature is the ARTIFICIAL ENVIRONMENT CREATED BY MAN, in other words, SOCIETY is Nature. This semantic trick works like a spell, and unconsciously leads naive and fearful people to think that in order to affect natural disasters (which are truly natural, and not artificially created, as opposed to any human construct in society) one needs to submit to some external social authority. And what better authority than the one that claims to be in possession of The One and Only Authentic Method to bring the ultimate solution to human misery? That is, Michael Laitman and his Bnei Baruch kingdom.

  • Secondly, once the semantic smoke of confusion disarms the thinking process of an eager and heartbroken listener, Laitman throws in some "doublespeak". For example in this case he tells us that at some undisclosed point in time America "was a dream, a model of democracy', yet "in everything that you do, you harm others, and it is only in order to gain a bit more, even if you actually don’t need it" So... a scientist, or any objective thinker would have to ask: "Is it America, or is it me? Was I ever good, just like America was, and do I now get any credit for being from another country? Is spirituality a matter of citizenship? Are Americans the bad ones, exploiting and enslaving a world oppressed by American greed? So is it me, or is it "America" and who exactly is this elusive "America"?"

  •  Thirdly, and most importantly, Laitman carefully uses linguistic tricks or 'spells' to separate "The Wisdom" from the masses. After the strategy of doublespeak a person is likely to have lost any rational inclination, or at least abandon any desire to publicly question Laitman's claims, for fear of being accused of provoking nature's most destructive wrath and causing a major natural catastrophe. So here is the moment to establish a position of authority, by marking a difference between the body of mass followers, and the head, the enlightened wise authority that must guide them, so finally Laitman states: "This approach is unthinkable since it is totally opposite from nature and doesn’t lead to correction." What beautifully crafted combination of undefined "foggy" meanings, doublespeak, and self-appointment to world lordship!! Here Laitman artfully secures his position as the ultimate authority, by separating himself from those who are "opposite from nature" and uncorrected, because... For whom is this approach unthinkable if not for one who is already "corrected" and in consonance with the nature that must be obeyed? And who could that be but the very messenger bringing these news to the people, like a Moses bringing the Tablets of Commandments?


Laitman accomplishes such sophisticated mind control techniques in only two short paragraphs. Can we now imagine what it does to people when all they do, all day long, is unquestionably following Laitman's words processed through Bnei Baruch committees and managers and implemented with direct orders in The Group?

What Bnei Baruch Does Not Want You To Find Part 1

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We will now begin a series of posts facilitating information that would be very hard for people to find and gather on the Internet, because one of Bnei Baruch's most powerful strengths is the amount of people they have working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. They "recruit" members to "disseminate", which in BB's jargon is the equivalent of "bestowing". This dissemination is very simple at the ground level of the "masses". They just get hundreds of people to spend from one to an unlimited number of hours a week placing little comments with links to their sites in all sorts of social media, and also creating blogs and minor websites, and they send massive emails telling members to check "Like" buttons or make supportive comments. This amounts to THOUSANDS of weekly hours that BB gets FOR FREE out of the work of all these followers, who believe they are "bestowing" and becoming "closer to the Creator". Because of these constant global work and actions that BB squeezes out of their followers, Bnei Baruch's sites come up on top of any search about kabbalah, or about Bnei Baruch itself, and other testimonies will be buried under BB's own websites and propaganda.

In reality, we could say that people are not necessarily "lied" to, because Bnei Baruch's ideology does preach that people are "COGWHEELS" in a spiritual MACHINE. One does not have to be very bright to understand that if people are viewed as a mechanical object such as cogwheels, they are simply considered mechanical pawns with no more awareness than their obedience and subordination to their "upper" management. These mechanical cogwheels are used by the "master" of the machine: Michael Laitman, and not by any true Creator of Life. If we view people differently from Androids, Human Intelligence would lead us to think that a true Creator of Life does not operate a "machine", with parts functioning mechanically like robots. A truly Loving Creator of Life would obviously operate a LIVING ORGANISM with sentient and thinking creatures fully aware and freely participating in His actions and, most importantly, HIS INTELLIGENCE, without coercion or threats that would keep them in fear of being "expelled" from "spirituality" until they obey. To a rational mind, a metaphore of mechanical functionality does not convey a compassionate source. Does anybody think that a Loving Creator would seek to create an organism with an irrational mind and an insane heart, or with a coherent and sound ability to reason the "heart" into kindness? The latter option is certainly not part of BB's ideology.

Let's now beign with some thoughts posted online by different sources, including former BB members not associated with this website, and which would not be easily found under the overwhelming number of sites that Bnei Baruch succeeds to place in the first pages of any Google Search:


2010-11-12, Damla: "I have come to dislike and detest the word israel and jew after meeting Bnei Baruch CultI was always amazed about what could be the people's problem with this israel and jews. After spending pretty much of time with Bnei Baruch provided environment I have not only learned hatred (and nothing more) but how a person does not have a single friend on this earth. I could never imagine that there could be so much hatred in this world. Creating an environment such as Bnei Baruch's is no less a crime than putting people into torture chambers and talking to them about their "freedoms" just to mock with them as they go through enourmous mental and bodily sufferings.


they talk about teaching the meaning of our lives..What they only teach is hatred. since talking about world peace and love is left to those groups this is the only proof that there is no god and goodness in this universe."

And let's illustrate this post with an image that shows what Laitman and BB think of the "purpose" of people's life: to become a cogwheel in their spiritual machine. Image is from their political site,, in Israel

Laitman's Opus Dei Connection

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The following is an article from Michael Laitman's blog, entitled "How To Let The Light Enter You" (December, 2008 )



"An e-mail I received on December 18, 2008: 'I am writing to you because I am desperate, even though I feel extremely guilty for taking up your time. I have been deeply depressed for a long time, and the only other thing I ever feel is a lack of desire to live and emptiness. I don’t feel anything else.

I listen to the lessons every day, but even when I suddenly hear and understand something, it instantly disappears before I can even remember or feel it. I participate in the Bnei Baruch dissemination projects, but it doesn’t give me strength. I am rapidly falling. Everyone is thinking about the crisis and how to come out of it, but I can’t even come out of myself. All I can feel is unbearable pain and resentment. I don’t know what to do. Please reply to me on your blog!'


My Answer: The two forces acting in creation are the Light and the desire; everything that exists is comprised only out of these two. They interact in such a way that sometimes the Light dominates, and sometimes the desire. We sense this alternation between them as the contrast of joy / fulfillment and bitterness / emptiness.

Since you cannot come out of your depression, my advice to you is to delve into it even more than it really is: artificially push yourself into even greater self-denigration, feelings of anger, resentment and guilt. This way, by pushing yourself down with all your might, you will take control over the depression, and you will then discover just how artificial all your sensations are, how much they depend on your subjective outlook. And then, from the bottom of your descent, you will feel joy and Light!"

Let's now compare Laitman's advice of self-denigration to the self-mortification style of the Opus Dei, in the words of Fr. Mike Barrett, director of the Holy Cross Chapel and Catholic Resource Center, Houston, Texas:

"Why do they do these mortifications?

Penance and mortification are a small but essential part of the Christian life. Jesus Christ himself fasted for forty days to prepare for his public ministry. Mortification helps us resist our natural drive toward personal comfort which so often prevents us from answering the Christian call to love God and serve others for love of God. Also, this voluntarily accepted discomfort is a way of joining oneself to Jesus Christ and the sufferings he voluntarily accepted in order to redeem us from sin. The Da Vinci Code's masochist monk, who loves pain for its own sake, has nothing to do with real Christian mortification.


How important is mortification for members of Opus Dei?

Despite The Da Vinci Code's morbid attention to mortification, for real members of Opus Dei it plays a secondary role. The primary thing for any Catholic is love of God and neighbor. Penance and mortification aim to reduce our self-centeredness and so to help us to grow in love for God and neighbor. In keeping with its spirit of integrating faith with secular life, Opus Dei emphasizes small rather than great sacrifices, like sticking at your work when tired, being punctual, passing up a small pleasure in food or drink, or not complaining."


  • What seems to be the essence of the Opus Dei? Dvekut (Adhesion) through love of neighbor and self-denial
  • What seems to be the essence of Bnei Baruch? Dvekut (Adhesion) through love of neighbor and self-annulment
  • What's the advice in order to "come out" of self centeredness? Self-degradation (BB), and self-mortification (Opus Dei).


Does this look like two different outfits for the same beast, or is it just me? So I'm thinking... It does not look like if I hate pain I'm going to reach love of others through the degrading paths of mortification and self-denial, in fact, in my own case I'm quite sure that I would hate them even the more. What kind of value can I hold for life when I do not find my own existence valuable? Apparently, Mr. Laitman and Mr. Barrett's impressions show a strong connection (equivalence of form, as expressed in kabbalistic understanding) when it comes down to advicing their followers on how to reach a loving and giving path, through psychological self-hatred and self-imposed torture which will bring their afflicted flocks out of depression and selfishness.Well, I don't mind admitting that in my self-centered rationality I see it quite the contrary. I would even make an educated guess that these self-loathing ideologies are likely to bring some quite close to suicide

Laitman On Suicide

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What does Laitman say about suicide?

"That is why they should study at the classes of integral upbringing—to acquire a special society that creates waves of positive connection, closeness, and love in every participant. Then, we will be able to conduct a research study and show how much we managed to increase their level of happiness, confidence, and psychological and physical health, and how much the criminal and suicide rates went down.

In our address to society, we should reach out to lonely people and explain to them that precisely in our circle they will find warmth and the support of the environment. The collapse of the institution of marriage is intended to show people that they need to build their relationships on a different level, the level of unconditional bestowal and love, rather than on beastly attraction. --  Article: Lonely People, Join Us! May 11th, 2012

Unfortunately that didn't happen with Patrick, although not only had he joined BB, but he was literally working for them more than for himself. The research study we are conducting shows precisely that BB is in no way producing such society, what's more, it may be producing precisely the opposite: a society that creates suicidal tendencies. A few weeks after Patrick's suicide, another young man from a BB group in Europe, Jürgen Plattner, also killed himself.

"It’s not the teenagers who have a plea for help. It’s their inner emptiness, the Reshimo that is crying out for fulfillment. Thus, we should give them the method capable of fulfilling this Reshimo: Kabbalah. My children never went through any such states. We raised them within Bnei Baruch’s framework, by teaching them Kabbalah’s basic concepts, and none of them (in all possible age groups, from 2 to 20 and up) have ever shown such problems." -- Article: How To Fulfill Teenage Emptiness May 11th, 2008

It didn't happen to Patrick either. Again, how does Laitman justify his words in relation to the facts? Were "the friends" not dedicating the same amount of time to him as he was dedicating to "the friends"? Or was he simply ill, as BB "friends" said to wash their hands of the "mutual" half in their Mutual Responsibility ideology? Are such programs simply a "do as I say and not as I do" methodology of controlling the behavior of the masses, so that each lower one responds for the higher all (impresonal and faceless society), and yet nobody responds for him? Is the happy existence and unconditional love in the Ideal Society of Mutual Responsibility in Bnei Baruch something similar to the life described by Aldous Huxley in his novel A Brave New Worldwhere everyone belongs to everyone else and "loving" means to be a slave of the society's demands, without questioning its rulers?

"Question: Religious canons view suicide as the greatest sin. How does Kabbalah view it?

My Answer: Suicide is one’s reaction to the impossibility of finding fulfillment in our world, because a person senses life only in the fulfillment of his desire! Only Kabbalah can attract the Light of fulfillment, and hence it is the only means able to prevent suicide." -- Article: The Consequences Of Egoism's Growth Sept 19th, 2008

And THAT CERTAINLY did NOT happen to either Patrick or Jürgen AT ALL. So... Either Laitman is lying in his answers, or what BB is doing is not at all stemming from the love and bestowal that kabbalists talk about.