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Laitman Vs. Ba'al HaSulam: Who Is The True Kabbalist?

Posted by bbedcenter on March 17, 2013 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Below is an article from Laitman's Blog:

Help Me Put The Puzzle Of Creation Together

Posted on March 2nd, 2013 at 7:34 pm

We always have to be connected and try to see the Torah in the connection between us and how we fulfill it. What does a certain connection stand for, where between us is Haman, where is Mordecai, where is Esther, who is Ahasuerus, what happened to the ten sons of Haman and his wife?

If we ignore the physical characters of ourselves and the friends and speak about forces, about attributes, about discernments and not about bodies that are perceived by the five senses, if we raise ourselves to the level of the network of the forces of creation, then it means that we are fulfilling the Torah in the relations between us. Then we already begin to see them and to learn this. This is called implementation, getting closer to correction, and building the image of Adam, man. Then you will see how necessary each of the friends is and that even all the negative forces have to exist so that you will not agree with such behavior, will keep away from them, and decide not to use them internally.

We don’t apply enough constant efforts to get closer and to connect on the level of the forces, intentions, and not on the level of the physical bodies. We have to penetrate a bit deeper and to begin to draw away from the usual corporeal picture in order to see the network that we are building between us, or more accurately, to discover it.

Everyone has to try to imagine that he is in the system of forces and not between physical bodies of this world and all its trash. We have to finally see and imagine this world correctly. It’s impossible to mention this all the time. A person has to change his thoughts. In order to do that, we have to support one another and we need mutual guarantee when everyone thinks in the same way.

Then you begin to notice and to identify that all the friends are in such inner relations, in such an intention, in such actions, that you realize that they are not performing external actions, but that everyone is trying to build and put this puzzle together to connect everyone. Everyone will feel that his efforts determine whether this puzzle will be put together, whether everyone will connect and how in the picture that is gradually being completed, that reveals the general force of bestowal called the Creator with all its details and special features.

This is already a sign that the Torah is being revealed to us, that the upper Light is starting to illuminate and to explain its rules, its nature. Thus we begin to live on that level."

Parts of the text are highlighted in order to notice the level of sophistication of Laitman's mind control tactics, how he uses his position as the "Supreme Voice" holding the attention of a captive audience, an audience that on the one hand naively trusts his spiritual knowledge, and on the other hand, whatever they don't trust, they've already been told that "annuling" themselves, their questions, their "ego", their "resistence", to the teacher and the group, to the orders of the Upper, is the only way to advance. Once the trust of this captive audience has already been secured, Laitman uses a vocabulary of suggestive reality, disembodied of matter, of facts, of "characters", a reality of abstractions, almost hypnotical, and creates images in the imagination of his followers. These illusions that Laitman creates in the imagination are constantly being drilled in three hours of lessons, group meetings, dissemination projects, festivities, and all kinds of activities that emanate from the different groups, virtual and physical, 24/7. These fantasies without a material body are then used by Laitman to control the actual physical world, the actual thoughts, the REALITY of his followers, to make them do whatever he wills. This is the paradigme. Of course, it is not 100% successful with everybody, but it is 100% the essence of Laitman's actions and their implemenation through Bnei Baruch, and what is truly given to anybody who adheres to BB and Laitman.

And from where do we get that this is not the way to do Kabbalah, or to any spiritual path of researching the truth? From the same kabbalistic sources the Laitman claims to be passing on from his teacher. And here we have some original writings which do display a sound understanding, and a sound way for anybody to uncover the truth, and not for a few to do so and use it to rule over the many. Let's examine what Laitman's alleged teacher, Ba'al HaSulam, actually says about abstractions, that is, about forces that are disembodied. The following is an example that speaks directly to Laitman's post above:


"As a whole, science is divided into two parts: one is called “material research” and the other, “formative research.” This means that MATTER AND FORM are PERCEIVED IN EVERY ELEMENT of the entire reality before us.

For example, a table consists of matter, meaning the wood, and consists of form, the shape of a table. The matter, being the wood, is the carrier of the form: the table. Also, in the word “LIAR,” there is MATTER, which is A PERSON, and there is a FORM: THE LIE. The matter, which is the person carries the form of a lie, meaning the CUSTOM OF TELLING LIES. And so it is in everything.

Hence, science, too, which researches the elements of reality, is divided into two parts: material research and formative research. The part of science that studies the quality of the substances in reality, both materials without their form, and materials along with their forms, is called “material research.” This research is empirical, based on evidence and deductions derived from practical experimentation, and these practical experimentations are TREATED AS SOUND BASIS FOR VALID DEDUCTIONS.

The other part of science studies only forms abstracted from the material, without any contact with the substances themselves. In other words, they shed the forms of true and false from the materials, which are THE PEOPLE WHO CARRY THEM, and engage only in research to know such values of superiority and inferiority in these forms of truth and falsehood as they are for themselves, BARE, AS THOUGH THEY WERE NEVER CLOTHED IN ANY MATTER. This is called “formative research.”


This research is NOT BASED ON PRACTICAL EXPERIMENTS, for such abstract forms do not appear in practical experiments, as they do not exist in actual reality. This is BECAUSE such an abstract FORM IS IMAGINARY, meaning ONLY THE IMAGINATION CAN PICTURE IT, even though IT DOES NOT EXIST IN THE ACTUAL REALITY."


Hence, any scientific research of this kind is necessarily based solely on a theoretical basis. This means that it is not taken from practical experimenation, but ONLY from a research of THEORETICAL NEGOTIATIONS.

The whole of the higher PHILOSOPHY belongs to this kind; hence, many contemporary intellectuals have left it, since they are displeased with any research built on a theoretical basis. They believe it is NOT A SOUND BASIS, for they consider only the experimental basis as sound.

And the wisdom of KABBALAH, TOO, is divided into these two parts: “material research” and “formative research.” But here there is a great advantage over secular sciences: here, even the part of formative research is BUILT ENTIRELY ON THE CRITIQUE OF PRACTICAL REASON, meaning on a practical, EMPIRICAL BASIS."

We can see that Ba'al HaSulam is not fond of imagination and theories, and prefers to keep away from ghosts and spirits and forces without a material manifestation. And this is because the world of matter is the only world we have to observe the actions of the world of spirit, and to eventually come to its understanding. So based on Ba'al HaSulam insightful analysis, and the way that Laitman's actions with his students clearly oppose it, we can take the form -deceit and manipulation- and the matter -Laitman and his "commando squads"- (this is how Laitman calls his BB followers) and accurately state that manipulation and deception are the formative factors in the modus operandi of BB.

Scientology and BB: What Do They Have in Common?

Posted by bbedcenter on March 15, 2013 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The Use of Mind Control in Scientology


This is an analysis by Monica Pignotti, MSW, based on the four components of mind control from Steve Hassan's Combatting Cult Mind Control: Behavior control, Emotional control, Thought control and Information control, combined with a comparison of her study as applied to Bnei Baruch



"If you change a person's behavior, his thoughts and feelings will change to minimize the dissonance" -- Leon Festinger



LAITMAN: "In a previous blog post I wrote that Kabbalah is more important than family – that if a man’s wife is against Kabbalah and it’s impossible to compromise or persuade her, then it’s permissible to get a divorce for the sake of your soul. I received a few perplexed responses – “How can this be?” People don’t understand that life is meaningless if it’s not used to attain the goal that has been set before every person. The sky, the earth, and every one of us were created for attaining this goal, and not for creating a marriage on the animate level and becoming a slave of your partner’s egoism.


So the conclusion to be made from this is: In all life situations, your behavior should be determined only by the spiritual goal!" laitman. com Nov 2012 (Cross reference: A woman equals a cow Account of Former BB members)



LAITMAN: "The Light illuminates from the other side and slowly increases my desire to receive by just one gram, and I immediately fall. I am ready to forget everything, lie down and do nothing, just to be left alone. At least from a physical standpoint it is forbidden to let ourselves fall in this way. The environment should put pressure on me, they should call me if I don’t arrive at the lesson, and they should wake me at home." Laitman . com Jan 2012



-Thought Stopping Techniques

LAITMAN: "A thought cannot change a desire. It can only change the size of a desire, increasing or decreasing it. Similarly, we also can’t replace one thought with another. Hence, we can only control our thoughts by controlling our desires. So the question really is: How can I change my desires? The answer is: through the environment – the group, the books, and the teacher!" Laitman . com Oct 2008

-[Bnei Baruch] "Study Tech"

LAITMAN: "Kabbalists inform us about rules and conditions and teach us games and exercises. Their advice should be taken as a vital necessity. I must obey them since otherwise, I won’t advance. One shouldn’t deceive oneself, hoping to find some side roads."



-Deception and the Withholding of Information

People are recruited into Bnei Baruch through front groups such as Mutual Responsibility

-No Other Practices Allowed

LAITMAN: "All those who study Kabbalah must have a complete collection of our books. Additionally, keep three or five books most suitable for beginners and lend them to others to read one by one, and after they are done, get them back. And then you will see if they do show any interest or not. laitman April 2011 There is no other way, no other means or method that we could use to do anything. Our method is the only way!" laitman March 2012

-Information Overload

Three daily hours of lessons late night or early morning hours/ class preparations / constant physical and virtual meetings and readings with "friends" in the group / constant work on projects, activities and dissemination work.


-Forbidding Members to Read Critical Information

Bnei Baruch virtual groups constantly erase information of interest regarding any true information about internal abuses, or any intelligent scrutiny into the ways and understandings coming from the hierarchical superiors of Bnei Baruch. Crossreference Insider Behavior and Relations 


Pignotti's full article

Other background sources:

Insider Behavior & Relations

Posted by bbedcenter on March 14, 2013 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

When an intelligent being visits a virtual site supposed to belong to the BB "friends", whether FB group page, or another forum, the absence of a lively "discourse" or "insightful" investigation will stand out almost inmediately. All one will read is "inspirational" quotations, mainly extracted from Laitman's books or classes, and sometimes from Rabash's writings or one of Laitman's favorite authors. 

The quotes below are from a particular discusssion in a Bnei Baruch FB group. The reason why there was any "discussion" whatsoever is because a couple of people had been questioning the meaning of the group's slogans, and the "core" directors were trying to quiet them down or else shun them out the group. These people were asking questions that required analysis, assessement and independent use of the mind for thinking purposes, but Laitman's dogmtic doctrine is based on a 'NO THINKING ALLOWED' principle, that must be followed to the T. The masses are told that thinking does not belong to "spirituality", because it can never be "rationalized". Rationality is only a sign of how far from spiritual considerations a person is.

At  BBKabbalah-TheTruth  we welcome anybody from Bnei Baruch to show us how we may be mistaken in our assessement, by rationally explaining to us how the encouragement and development of intelligent and clear thinking is a valued asset in the Bnei Baruch's organization spiritual path. We are not censoring or screening their participation and their comments in our site. 



After the recent stream of comments on the BB xxxx Group, administrators thought it best to have the group and contents reviewed by BB Israel. Serious concern was shown and we were asked to make the following guidelines clear:


"...The purpose and goal of the group is to strengthen us, give us a place to hear some enthusiastic comments, share information, love and unity, and of course support each other!


The most basic ground rule that RAV is always stating is this: when someone speaks against the Rav, books / sources, and the Group this is the time to throw him / her out! no question asked..."



"I think the guidelines are pretty clear. You only have to follow them as your free choice. And I will as mine."



"BB Israel just removed 6 women from the Group who went after their own opinion not following Rav's and the group's advice. They announced it during the Shabbat. They [meaning the 6 women] segregated themselves and set up their own rules. everything happens in the Group [meaning what is NOT following the group's rules, is NOT "spiritual"]".



" Every moment is a NEW one. I for one rejoice in the fact that we are a group. We can and must see ourselves as the smallest and the group as the greatest of the generation. And in this light Inspire each other :-)"

Laitman: Totalitarian Zionist World Spiritual Leader

Posted by bbedcenter on March 12, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (1)

At the core of Michael Laitman's ideology, and what makes it a true manifestation of cult structure, is the dogma that in order to "advance" spiritually one must constantly annul his will to the "upper". The creator, Laitman claims, is concealed and not visible, so the "upper" that substitutes it is the superiors or managers in charge of local groups or work/dissemination projects. Everybody must submit to the decisions of the appointed managers leading committees and all sorts of activities. The hierarchical structure of BB's management has its supreme power in the Israeli "inner" group, obviously headed by Laitman, from whom all decisions and final solutions to any conflict emanate. And all global followers think that when Israeli managers demand something, they are just voicing the desire of their ultimate "upper", Dr. Michael Laitman, or Rav, as they call him, depending on what audience they are addressing.


So Michael Laitman has a global army of followers happy to cancel their will to his wishes, and questioning any orders is to question Laitman, or in fact, the creator himself. In the very rare instances when somebody dares to not follow orders, this army of "brotherly love" will turn into a blind vicious spiritual machine, and their dogmatic soldiers are willing to insult, discriminate, threaten, put all kinds of pressure and ultimately shun whoever poses any challenging observations.


But what kind of power is Laitman seeking, with such a mighty mass of blind followers? Just the simple influential status quo of a spiritual global guru, or is there something else behind his ambition to use kabbalah to submit masses to his will? Well, let's see, we have observed that Laitman has no problem with using "kabbalah" in order to manipulate his followers' political votes, not just in the politics of the State of Israel, but he has also aimed at control of American presidential elections, as his followers experienced in this past 2012 elections. Laitman was seeking the victory of Romney, good buddy of Netanyahu, against Obama. This makes us wonder is the Bnei Baruch cult aiming to provide the "spiritual authority" of a Zionist global agenda led by the State of Israel? And does Laitman's kabbalistic approach to politics support an egalitarian society governed by freedom and inclusion? Not exactly, as Laitman's own words explain to you below:


“It is not a government of national unity that we need, but a military rule that will have absolute power, assume the responsibility and come forth with an intense preventative strike against Syria, our main enemy. Then we would completely destroy its military machine and the camps where terrorists are trained.”


“These days we don’t need a Knesset (parliament) whose seats are filled by our natural enemies – the Arab deputies (who don’t hide this fact), and the peacemakers who have paralyzed the people’s will to live on this land.” Posted on Laitman's blog on April 9th, 2008 at 11:00 am

Account of a couple of former BB students

Posted by bbedcenter on March 12, 2013 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The following are excerpts about a couple that moved to Israel to join the Bnei Baruch group in Petah Tikva, Michele (Michal), Israeli, and Marco, Italian. This is an online translation from a Russian blog. The translation is over 95% clear enough in English to give us a perfectly accurate picture of the stories. For the full article click the link at the end and choose a google translation of the Russian page online.

The most shocking part:


"During the two years that Michele and Marco spent in the Kabbalistic group, the relationship between them increasingly weakened. During the week Marco spent with Michele only a quarter of an hour a day, which was defined in the regulations, Michele began to resent this, and the fact that women are not allowed to participate in the morning lessons. When Mark told his friends about it in the group, he was faced with an unexpected response: "They told me it would be best if I left, and in the same breath they offered me another woman in place of Michele. They told me that this is to "EXCHANGE ONE COW FOR ANOTHER."


"It's not really important to who you marry, because one way or another after the transition to the main group men are hardly seen with his wife," - adds Michele."


And the part at the heart of the problem:


"'It was not easy - to leave the group' - says Marco. "When a member chooses to leave the group or "leave ", the other group members are instructed not to join with them in any contacts, so that THE PEOPLE THAT USED TO CALL YOU BROTHER, begin to treat as if you did not exist, they do not see you. And the one who broke all ties with the family, with relatives and friends in joining in this Kabbalistic group, IT WOULD BE VERY EASY NOT TO LEAVE THIS GROUP. "


And here is more:


"Dark Side of the Light


'Finally the Russian-speaking reader can get acquainted with the fact that the Hebrew-speaking readers have known for a long time!


During more than two years of study in the "Bnei Baruch" Marco and Michele went into the inner core of the group, and found themselves in a closed world, cruel and chauvinist, who exacted from them large sums of money, and separated them from the outside world, as well as - from each other. 'I do not know how we did not run away from there before. It's just terrible to remember the time' - says Michele. 'There is a difference between what we are told about the group IN THE BEGINNING, so that it becomes clear to you at every stage and level of entry to the group before you join the Central Core of The Group and find out THE TRUTH'  - says Marco.


'Until now, I do not understand why there are so many other things they hide. They hide also the fact that they are religious' - says Michele.


'In the beginning we were surrounded by lots of love and support in all areas and in all directions' - says Michele. "In the meantime, I felt the pressure to change my style of clothing with pants to skirts. Later, we were asked to observe kashrut, Shabbat and the laws" Nida. "Very quickly we discovered something that the members of the group said in an interview to the press that there is no connection between the Kabbalah and Judaism, and that the religious are not accepted in their group - it is not true'


"Local law" that, says Michele, included: monthly payments to the group "Bnei Baruch", which reached 20 percent of the monthly salary of Marco, many daily hours of work for the benefit of the group, specify the account of his personal life, including - complete removal from contact with their parents and family, the various religious laws, among them the ban to spend time with his wife Michele over a quarter of an hour a day, absolute immunity to [??] in the critical days, the obligation to participate in all classes and companies "Bnei Baruch" and absolute prohibition to tell anything about someone else in the group. "" Bnei Baruch " 'my life was filled from morning to night' - says Marco.


'At a more advanced stage, a member of the group who receives " free lessons "must begin to pay" Bnei Baruch "20 percent of his salary - 10 percent as a" tithe "(" Maaser "), which is designed to spread Kabbalah to the world, and another 10 percent on regular extra payments, which were used to pay bills and rent apartments in buildings of the organization. addition, each member of the community must be given about 3 hours a day, more than hours of studying Kabbalah, to work in the "Bnei Baruch": cleaning, maintenance building assignments, work in their internet site and so on. 'At a certain stage of a student receives instructions that dictate to him what would be his way of life' - says Marco. 'In these regulations, in particular, says that his wife can spend only a quarter of an hour a day and no more than that it is forbidden to speak to outsiders about the group and to tell anyone that it's happening.'


"Bnei Baruch Guidelines" asked us that when guests come from overseas, so we seemed to them "as we are happy " (if we were really happy, they would not have to ask us about it.) and to surround a large love and attention, such as guidance regarding the Sabbath, when new people come on Saturday. And then was the most surprising: it was said to us that the members of the press would arrive and for them to make a special presentation. It was said to us that we do not want to look to the media as if we "return to religion" or something like that, and so now women have to go and change - remove the skirt and put on pants, and remove head coverings - and so we'll show them yourself. was a special session that can speak to correspondents, and what not. "

About Cults -- Bnei Baruch

Posted by bbedcenter on March 9, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (7)

"A normal religious organization would not have any trouble with you moving to another similar organization as long as you stayed in that same religion. Because it is the belief system that matters, not membership in an organization. For example if you were a Christian then you could move from one church to another and still be a Christian. However cult leaders will tell you can only be "saved" (or can only be successful) in their organization alone. No other organization has the truth, all others miss the mark. So it is not the belief system that decides your future, but it the belief system AND your membership with that particular group

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

 The following is from the video:

0:44 "[they have] to be more connected to us. There is NO CHANCE to succeed if they are not connecting between them in one place, and here, and learn TOGETHER WITH US, and do WHAT WE DO. That's it. It's impossible to do it otherwise [...] 1:14 "You MUST find a job that OBLIGATES YOU TO BE IN THE GROUP. All kinds of RULES, all kinds of COMMITMENTS... Even though YOU DON'T SEE THIS, but YOU MUST, YOU MUST BE IN THIS ALL THE TIME, AND ALL THE LESSONS, AND TO READ THE BLOG, AND PARTICIPATE IN DISSEMINATION... You don't have time?? FIND IT, it doesn't matter when. But if you are under the influence of a FOREIGN environment, each on the place that he lives, then you start quarreling in the groups, because the will to receive is growing even more AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO SOLVE IT, when it's just done ESPECIALLY LIKE THAT FROM ABOVE. STOP SEEING EACH OTHER ON THE LEVEL OF BEASTS, START SEEING EACH OTHER ON THE LEVEL OF HUMANS, HUMANS it means that THE HEAD is higher than THE BODY, it's not that they are at the same level, the HEAD and THE BUTT"

Hmmm... Is it just me, or does it sound like a cult?