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BB Kabbalah

The Truth you will not be told



Laitman Vs. Ba'al HaSulam: Who Is The True Kabbalist?

Posted by bbedcenter on March 17, 2013 at 1:50 PM

Below is an article from Laitman's Blog:

Help Me Put The Puzzle Of Creation Together

Posted on March 2nd, 2013 at 7:34 pm

We always have to be connected and try to see the Torah in the connection between us and how we fulfill it. What does a certain connection stand for, where between us is Haman, where is Mordecai, where is Esther, who is Ahasuerus, what happened to the ten sons of Haman and his wife?

If we ignore the physical characters of ourselves and the friends and speak about forces, about attributes, about discernments and not about bodies that are perceived by the five senses, if we raise ourselves to the level of the network of the forces of creation, then it means that we are fulfilling the Torah in the relations between us. Then we already begin to see them and to learn this. This is called implementation, getting closer to correction, and building the image of Adam, man. Then you will see how necessary each of the friends is and that even all the negative forces have to exist so that you will not agree with such behavior, will keep away from them, and decide not to use them internally.

We don’t apply enough constant efforts to get closer and to connect on the level of the forces, intentions, and not on the level of the physical bodies. We have to penetrate a bit deeper and to begin to draw away from the usual corporeal picture in order to see the network that we are building between us, or more accurately, to discover it.

Everyone has to try to imagine that he is in the system of forces and not between physical bodies of this world and all its trash. We have to finally see and imagine this world correctly. It’s impossible to mention this all the time. A person has to change his thoughts. In order to do that, we have to support one another and we need mutual guarantee when everyone thinks in the same way.

Then you begin to notice and to identify that all the friends are in such inner relations, in such an intention, in such actions, that you realize that they are not performing external actions, but that everyone is trying to build and put this puzzle together to connect everyone. Everyone will feel that his efforts determine whether this puzzle will be put together, whether everyone will connect and how in the picture that is gradually being completed, that reveals the general force of bestowal called the Creator with all its details and special features.

This is already a sign that the Torah is being revealed to us, that the upper Light is starting to illuminate and to explain its rules, its nature. Thus we begin to live on that level."

Parts of the text are highlighted in order to notice the level of sophistication of Laitman's mind control tactics, how he uses his position as the "Supreme Voice" holding the attention of a captive audience, an audience that on the one hand naively trusts his spiritual knowledge, and on the other hand, whatever they don't trust, they've already been told that "annuling" themselves, their questions, their "ego", their "resistence", to the teacher and the group, to the orders of the Upper, is the only way to advance. Once the trust of this captive audience has already been secured, Laitman uses a vocabulary of suggestive reality, disembodied of matter, of facts, of "characters", a reality of abstractions, almost hypnotical, and creates images in the imagination of his followers. These illusions that Laitman creates in the imagination are constantly being drilled in three hours of lessons, group meetings, dissemination projects, festivities, and all kinds of activities that emanate from the different groups, virtual and physical, 24/7. These fantasies without a material body are then used by Laitman to control the actual physical world, the actual thoughts, the REALITY of his followers, to make them do whatever he wills. This is the paradigme. Of course, it is not 100% successful with everybody, but it is 100% the essence of Laitman's actions and their implemenation through Bnei Baruch, and what is truly given to anybody who adheres to BB and Laitman.

And from where do we get that this is not the way to do Kabbalah, or to any spiritual path of researching the truth? From the same kabbalistic sources the Laitman claims to be passing on from his teacher. And here we have some original writings which do display a sound understanding, and a sound way for anybody to uncover the truth, and not for a few to do so and use it to rule over the many. Let's examine what Laitman's alleged teacher, Ba'al HaSulam, actually says about abstractions, that is, about forces that are disembodied. The following is an example that speaks directly to Laitman's post above:


"As a whole, science is divided into two parts: one is called “material research” and the other, “formative research.” This means that MATTER AND FORM are PERCEIVED IN EVERY ELEMENT of the entire reality before us.

For example, a table consists of matter, meaning the wood, and consists of form, the shape of a table. The matter, being the wood, is the carrier of the form: the table. Also, in the word “LIAR,” there is MATTER, which is A PERSON, and there is a FORM: THE LIE. The matter, which is the person carries the form of a lie, meaning the CUSTOM OF TELLING LIES. And so it is in everything.

Hence, science, too, which researches the elements of reality, is divided into two parts: material research and formative research. The part of science that studies the quality of the substances in reality, both materials without their form, and materials along with their forms, is called “material research.” This research is empirical, based on evidence and deductions derived from practical experimentation, and these practical experimentations are TREATED AS SOUND BASIS FOR VALID DEDUCTIONS.

The other part of science studies only forms abstracted from the material, without any contact with the substances themselves. In other words, they shed the forms of true and false from the materials, which are THE PEOPLE WHO CARRY THEM, and engage only in research to know such values of superiority and inferiority in these forms of truth and falsehood as they are for themselves, BARE, AS THOUGH THEY WERE NEVER CLOTHED IN ANY MATTER. This is called “formative research.”


This research is NOT BASED ON PRACTICAL EXPERIMENTS, for such abstract forms do not appear in practical experiments, as they do not exist in actual reality. This is BECAUSE such an abstract FORM IS IMAGINARY, meaning ONLY THE IMAGINATION CAN PICTURE IT, even though IT DOES NOT EXIST IN THE ACTUAL REALITY."


Hence, any scientific research of this kind is necessarily based solely on a theoretical basis. This means that it is not taken from practical experimenation, but ONLY from a research of THEORETICAL NEGOTIATIONS.

The whole of the higher PHILOSOPHY belongs to this kind; hence, many contemporary intellectuals have left it, since they are displeased with any research built on a theoretical basis. They believe it is NOT A SOUND BASIS, for they consider only the experimental basis as sound.

And the wisdom of KABBALAH, TOO, is divided into these two parts: “material research” and “formative research.” But here there is a great advantage over secular sciences: here, even the part of formative research is BUILT ENTIRELY ON THE CRITIQUE OF PRACTICAL REASON, meaning on a practical, EMPIRICAL BASIS."

We can see that Ba'al HaSulam is not fond of imagination and theories, and prefers to keep away from ghosts and spirits and forces without a material manifestation. And this is because the world of matter is the only world we have to observe the actions of the world of spirit, and to eventually come to its understanding. So based on Ba'al HaSulam insightful analysis, and the way that Laitman's actions with his students clearly oppose it, we can take the form -deceit and manipulation- and the matter -Laitman and his "commando squads"- (this is how Laitman calls his BB followers) and accurately state that manipulation and deception are the formative factors in the modus operandi of BB.

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