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Laitman's Torah: A Potion Of Death?

Posted by bbedcenter on April 19, 2013 at 11:30 AM

We have already examined Laitman's feelings regarding the existence of the USA. He has clearly stated that it "has no right to exist", and has justified his opinion by describing Americans in the most negative perspective that his position would allow him to describe, short of sounding like an Ayatollah. In this way he speaks of people not as a man of compassion and justice, guided by the Torah teachings of the priceless value of human life, but as a war monger who lumps individuals in abstract and divisive categories to serve his political interests. It is surprising to hear this kind of death wish coming out of those who advertise themselves as kabbalah teachers.


We have wondered if maybe Laitman wrote that article in a particularly bad day that obstructed his judgement. But less than two months later, in December of 2012, he writes:

There is no more “Israeli nation” outside the state of Israel. On the contrary, the Israelis and the Jews in the diaspora are separated. It is enough to look at the American Jews who are dispersed both physically and morally; they don’t worry about Israel, only about themselves. What’s more, they want to show that they have no interest in the state of Israel, that they are “just like everyone else in America,” dedicated only to the country they live in. Once they were proud of their roots, but this has disappeared."

In contrast, he writes about Israeli Jewry

"today we must at least worry about the Jews who live in the land of Israel since they share the same corporeal fate.".


And then, in April of 2013, Laitman posts:

"The roots of the attitude toward the American Jews is that living in the most egoistic country of our world, they actively promote conservation, ossification of the egoism of this type [...] That is why, despite the fact that the majority of Jews do not live in the land of Israel, because of the key role of the US in the system of the egoistic relationships in our world, namely the American Jews are reproached. [...] the spiritual duty of American Jews is to get acquainted with the method of integral education and upbringing, to understand its meaning quickly and correctly. You have to keep in direct contact with us to clarify and verify the meaning, content, and purpose of the method, and implement it in your life and of the society you live in [...] The American Jews have recently become active opponents of Israel as they want to gain legitimacy and approval of anti-Semites."


So we have been wondering why a man who uses the name of kabbalah and Torah to appeal to a global mass of followers, is so intended in marking a separation of the Jewish nation, as to "those in Israel, and those outside of Israel", and why this man preaching unity is so consumed with pointing fingers and demonizing six and a half million Jews living in the United States, the largest population of Jewish people in the world. Over half a million more people than in the State of Israel.


If we use our own heads, instead of annuling our thoughts to the will of Michael Laitman, as he demands of his followers, we can notice that Laitman shows an almost desperate eagerness to create confrontation and divisiveness not only among Jews, but between two sides he wants to clearly define: the USA and Israel. It is obvious that Laitman is trying to polirize the global Jewish community and antagonize the world against the United States around the issue of the supremacy of the State of Israel. When he separates Israeli Jews from those in the rest of the world, not only does Laitman claim a superior holiness of the Israeli land over any other, in particular the US, but in Laitman's view this superior holiness entitles Israel to a parallelel political superiority, and according to him all Jews owe their alliance to it.

It is clear that embedded in Laitman's ideological system is the assumption that Judaism is not a religion, but that it is a political right that the state of Israel has the exclusive privilege of bestowing on to anybody who seeks to follow the Ancient Jewish path of the Torah. And Michael Laitman again appoints himself as the highest moral and spiritual authority to guide a Zionist led world, when he states that American Jews must "keep in direct contact with us to clarify and verify the meaning, content, and purpose of the method".


This brings us to the following questions:


  • Is being Jewish a matter of modern citizenship or an ancient spiritual and religious understanding?

  • Is demonizing all the Jews in a particular country NOT an anti-semitic action?

  • Is a Jew to follow the Torah, or to submit to self-interested and worldly representatives?

  • Was the world created equally sacred, or is a piece of land holier than another, so that wars can be fought over who has the "divine right" to control it?

  • Is being Jewish a path to bringing unity to human kind, or is it to seek the dominance of humanity under a division which promotes and defends Israeli superiority?

  • Does using the Torah to justify the holiness of self-appointed supremacy count as what in Jewish tradition is called to use Torah as The Potion Of Death?

  • Is Laitman teaching the Kabbalah of the Torah, or the kabblahblah of a political Zionist Agenda, disseminated by Bnei Baruch and its political arms of Mutual Responsibility (USA) and the Arvut Movement (Israel)?

  • And are Bnei Baruch's foot soldiers aware of what cause they are being used for?

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Reply hopeanon1
3:15 PM on April 19, 2013 
Is being Jewish a matter of modern citizenship or an ancient spiritual and religious understanding?
Maybe this helps us to clarify Laitman's position on the subject:
For Russian-speaking Israelis
Laitman Interview with filmmaker S. Winokur, 13.11.2000
(The following is a brief excerpt of the interview using google web translator)

"Although I teach and speak mostly in Hebrew, among the Israelites response
minimum. They killed spiritually. New Russian-speaking Israelis - no. And
so I believe that if 20-30% of Russian-speaking Israelis
interested supreme control, we would have radically changed the whole
structure of the country, the balance of power in the world.
To change the character of the Supreme Control in our favor, not
need millions of people. This change is defined as a pyramid, the units
at the head of the spiritual movement of the people. Of course, all of humanity
recognizes that everyone has to depending on the nature of the soul and
Depending on the measure of its capacity to study Kabbalah. I can see how the spiritual
generation of leaders who see the structure of the soul of each, and will help
indicate each his best kind of employment to correct his soul.
As a result, people will be living in that it will train the right
interact with the environment and our spiritual nature. Kabbalah because of
the word "get" how to get from the world. This will train in
schools, because the only thing that is necessary to know the man. But if 30 percent of the active
Russian-speaking Israelis interested in Kabbalah, it will be enough
to change for the better impact on us over the control of the Supreme. Already
this we deduce beyond any further features and all our enemies.
So, I can do this, almost fantastic conclusion: that the future
Israel is in the hands of Russian Jews?
This is certainly! Just as I hope that in Russia we are in such a
If you get a very big spiritual aid, and from kotorogo-to
recover that country."
Reply Kim Fox
3:51 PM on April 19, 2013 
I don't see Laitman as any different then any other monster in history who tried to grow political support and power for an ethnic cleansing of their country. Laitman speaks of "correction" not unlike Hitler in Nazi Germany speaking of an Aryan nation; claiming Aryan peoples were superior to all others in the practice of government and the development of civilization and they needed to develop a "PURE" race. Laitman speaks of correction of human souls claiming that he is the ONLY one who can provide the method for that correction. He claims that the people that follow him without question are the ONLY true Jews of the world and thus they have a superior role as "enlightened" beings and their only purpose in life is to "educate" the masses that are lower on the pyramid and thus will forever be ruled by those that reside at the top of the spiritual pyramid. This very conveniently puts Laitman at the very top of the pyramid...society's modern day Moses so to speak. But Laitman doesn't aim to just lead and rule Israel...his plans are to rule the entire world! Because the entire world must realize that Israel is the only nation on earth that has the power to correct humanity from egotists to altruists. And without Israel...the whole world will come to a nasty end that only few will survive.
Reply hopeanon1
4:23 PM on April 19, 2013 
I am sickened by all of it, and I very much 'hope' this cult of megalomania and hate will be widely exposed for what it is.
Reply bbedcenter
9:28 PM on April 19, 2013 
I would like to honor a comment posted on Laitman's blog about this particular article.

By C Medansky ~ Apr 16, 2013 at 4:54 am

"Let's face it. The American Jews have recently become active opponents of Israel as they want to gain legitimacy and approval of anti-Semites. They become more active in this than non-Jews. They want to hide from their origin in every possible way... Today, they are no longer the descendants of Holocaust survivors; they are the people who want to erase it from history."
- M. Laitman (2013, April 15)Again About American Jews. [link to]

This information is completely false!

Steven Spielberg, a Jewish American, considered by many to be a political liberal/progressive, established the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation in 1994 to gather video testimonies from survivors and other witnesses of the Holocaust. The foundation holds nearly 52,000 video testimonies in 32 languages, representing 56 countries; it is the largest archive of its kind in the world. Today it is a part of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute that also provides teacher's training and resources, which I have personally used as a reform synagogue religious schoolteacher to educate Jewish American middle-school students about the Holocaust.

I am deeply saddened and disappointed that anyone would teach this hate for American Jews. Even more so that this hate is posted in the week following Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), on Israel Independence Day, and a day when the U.S. Jewish community is standing vigilant following the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon.

I sincerely hope that everyone reading will give due diligence to any information contained therein. I testify by my life as a Jewish American that the information referenced in the above post is wholly untrue.
Reply Sefira Keter
11:38 PM on April 19, 2013 
woaw!!! great article; it is a very accurate analyse of the BB agenda! Thank you for your clear "vision" and for telling us the truth about Laitman