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Laitman's Brainwashing Program For Israel

Posted by bbedcenter on October 6, 2013 at 11:50 AM

As victims of former dictatorships and religious cults understand clearly, brainwashing is certainly the favorite tool of those seeking totalitarian power and supreme control. We live in a society where the marketing industry also manipulates us through peer pressure and victimizes us into their desires for our consumption of lies. Michael Laitman, the master mind behind the party ביחד (Together), is a prime example of those who seek supreme power, and he doesn't hide it. As an enlightened powermonger, he also agrees that brainwashing is the most efficient and powerful technique to get his way.

We in support of a free world disagree with Michael Laitman and the surreptitious tactics of the party ביחד (Together). We think that brainwashing is in fact the root of most social problems, and allows the interest of a minority elite to rule over the interest of the common people. We think that it is truth and transparency of actions that will ever bring peace and knowledge to all, and not just to those who think themselves better than the rest.

For that reason, we want to bring Israelis the truth behind the party ביחד (Together): Michael Laitman and his brainwashing machine -Bnei Baruch.

Here are some of Laitman's views on brainwashing:

"Through real brainwashing, we will come to understand the importance of integration, unity, and mutual guarantee. Then, we will miss this; we will suddenly desire this. Why? It’s because the general awareness of the importance prevailing in the environment will rule over me since I am under its influence."~ 'Rav' Michael Laitman`Bnei Baruch Kabbalah "The Arvut Movement" (3 august 2011, 2:17 Pm)

"All of this is an enormous amount of information that must go through him and gradually brainwash his so-called brain (you cannot call it anything else), and he willingly agrees with it. We do not hide what we are doing: We are reprogramming him." Integral Upbringing, Talk 9, December 15, 2012  [unfortunately, the party ביחד (Together) and Bnei Baruch DO HIDE what they are doing]


But how can this be done?” you ask. The answer is: by realizing your free choice through creating an environment around you that will constantly brainwash you and press on your feelings with the profit of bestowal. Posted on October 24th, 2011 at 8:15 pm  [please, notice the use of  "the profit of bestowal" and "free choice", in the classical 'doublespeak' style describe in the famous novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four"']

"A person can check how included he is in the group and whether it is able to provide a new intention for him. Obviously, bestowal is opposite to his nature and he is initially unwilling to do this, yet he must artificially build himself and his environment so it really “brainwashes” him.Posted on November 17th, 2010

"How can I get a desire for it? It is possible if I get impressed by the environment that tells me about it. Meaning, I need a good, big environment that “will brainwash me” to such a degree that I will really want something I do not want now. And we can see that the society is able to do it."


If those around you start “brainwashing you,” you will begin to appreciate bestowal: “Why don’t I bestow?” You will be walking around with this question from morning to night: “Why do I lack it? Where can I find it? Perhaps here? Perhaps there?” You will look for it everywhere as if hypnotized." Oct 9th 2011

"It doesn’t matter that I want to manipulate myself into buying the spiritual product. I put this desire through the group, through their desires, and it returns to me in an unrecognizable form. As a result, I become inspired and, literally out of necessity, strive toward spiritual fulfillment.


What is passed through the others is no longer mine. My initial message became saturated by the friends’ desire, and now the entire group gets hooked on this lie: “You know, it’s so cool there, in spirituality! Compared to our world, it’s like heaven on earth!”


They brainwash me with messages they don’t believe. They want to sell me a product and make a profit on being the advertisers for it, while I take their words seriously and exert great effort to purchase the spiritual world for myself." Posted on May 7th, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Is Laitman's brainwashing program the future of Israeli politics? We certainly hope not. We support intelligence for all in human nature!! 

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