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Political Control Of Israel: Michael Laitman's New "Dissemination" Program

Posted by bbedcenter on October 1, 2013 at 9:40 AM

It has come to the attention of a group of concerned Israeli citizens that a party in the municipal elections coming up in Israel on October 22, is not what appears to be. It suspiciously conceals its true origin, its fanatic religious roots and its totalitarian social foundation. The party's name is ביחד, (Together). If you click here you will see the candidates. They are all long time followers of Michael Laitman, mainly from Bnei Baruch tightly secretive inner group, who carry out Laitman's direct orders through the international management of the Bnei Baruch organization, which extends to branches worldwide.

Our highly concerned Israeli citizens are trying to reach out to the local voters in Petah Tikva, to warn them of the true deceiving nature of the Together party. Their concern is founded on the fact that their families have personally been victims of the devastation of Michael Laitman's thought reform techniques, which he himself blatantly calls "the light that reforms". Fearing actions of retaliation from Laitman's organization, which unfortunately these people have also experienced before when trying to expose Bnei Baruch, listed as a cult in two directories in the United States, this group of people prefers to remain anonymous, although their message is loud and clear. They are delivering thousands of fliers in the area, like the one shown in the illustration below, in an effort to wake voters to the reality of what the Together party truly stands for.


This is by no means the first attempt that Laitman has made at manipulation of political elections, as you can see by this "order" that he had sent out to Bnei Baruch American voters during the 2012 presidential elections. In addition, he had several blog posts published (now deleted), he drilled the message during his morning lessons, and brought it to the "ordinary" people in his Ask the Kabbalist show, as seen in this video, which is also hard to find on the internet any longer. 

Bnei Baruch is registered as a non-profit organization in the USA, in order to avoid the payment of taxes on all the money they collect from their book sales, membership tithes, donations and congresses. Why then is an alleged "spiritual" teacher meddling in international politics, as this document proves, which breaks US laws forbidding non-profits to engage in the promotion of political interests?

Michael Laitman may think himself more powerful than evidence bears, as his failure to get Romney into office shows us. But now he has recalculated the plan, and has decided that maybe more modest beginnings could prove more effective to succeed in his ambition for social control. For that he is counting on the highest commanding officers of his cult, Bnei Baruch, and on the success of the deception and inception plan to keep local voters in Petah Tikva ignorant about who the ביחד (Together) party candidates really are.

Keep reading more about the  ביחד, (Together) party and the Master Mind behind it. May Intelligence be with you against Michael Laitman's desire, voters. Good luck, the world of sanity wants to send you support!!

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