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BB Kabbalah

The Truth you will not be told

Life is The Beginning and The End

You have chosen to come to this page because your desire to know has led you here, even unwillingly in some cases. Perhaps you want to know if you are doing the right thing. Perhaps you want to know if we are doing the wrong thing. Perhaps you are hurt and confused. Or maybe you are blindly outraged by how dare we speak our minds, and reveal these facts that you call simple "opinions". Yet if they were simple opinions, why would they cause such rejection in you? Do you not support freedom of expression? Does it bother you that we little mortals have risen to denounce a "Spiritual Master"? Masters are untouched by insignificant mortal considerations. We would like you to feel at peace, knowing that nothing can stain the Truth you are so defensive about, and that Truth needs no defense. True Unity is indestructable, so if your path is truthful nothing can ever make it false. Our concern is precisely regarding the falseness of such path. We maintain that Bnei Baruch's spiritual path is false, because we have walked it. And we are troubled by the destructive consequences that we have witnessed in ourselves and in others. These considerations have moved us to put together this website. 

It is our intention to simply point to the facts, and not to attack any human connections that may have come out of Bnei Baruch, despite its destructive environment. It is Michael Laitman after all the one who bears full responsibility for generating such destruction in the world. Michael Laitman is the one designing his spiritual grinding machine, operating it and leading his victims on. Michael Laitman is the one demanding obedience, degrading critical thinking and human reason, encouraging unconscious actions that require to follow orders. The emotions of pressure, frantic obsessions, anxiety, hallucinations that many of his devotees experience are the result of his "teachings". And in the next state these consequences become the causes for health problems, family conflicts, financial struggles and... Sometimes suicides. That's what comes out of such pressure, and frantic obsessions, and anxiety, and hallucinations of those encouraged not to think, not to use their critical assessement, not to seek understanding in their minds. 

None of that is ok. If you went through it, if you did survive it and made it out of Bnei Baruch, know that it was not you. It was not your free will. You were deceived, exploited and manipulated through images, through lies, through coercion and fear. Life is beautiful when you can realize the freedom that others have tried to take away from you. Celebrate it. 

For some of you it may have been a lighter journey. Maybe you were there as a detached observer. You never immersed yourself in the ideology of "The Group". Consider yourself lucky and appreciate that you were spared the suffering. You have much to be grateful for.  

We have made this section to add a Life Affirming Intention. We understand that Life is sacred, that each ONE of us contains a latent WHOLE which waits for our awakening, so we are all that ONE potential state of consciousness. When another ONE aims to take over or mislead the understanding of such self-realization, as it is always the case in systems of hierarchical power, then it either diminishes or destroys the possibility of that ONE potential to be fulfilled. Spiritually speaking coercion, power, orders, and goals and ideologies with their agendas kill the soul, which is the very potential for higher levels of consciousness.

So when we see souls (potentials) being suffocated, we scream "bloody murder" as timely as an alarm clock will go off. Your choice is to wake up and question what is going on, or continue to sleep, let go of the sacred life that has been given to you, and exchange it for a passing dream. We truly wish you in that case that such dream does not turn into a nightmare. But if it did, you know where to find us. Good luck to all. 

Light is also a state of mind, so don't take yourself so seriously that your problems seem larger than your life.

Laugh at yourself now and then. Take heaviness lightly whenever possible. You are here now. The worst is always

behind you.

The means is the goal. You are there at every instant. Know your SELF. It's ALL you can know. It's ALL you need to know. There is much to learn from those who know themselves, and especially from those who do not. Neither the wise nor the ignorant can tell you who you are.