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BB Kabbalah

The Truth you will not be told

Mutual (Ego Centric) vs. Responsible (Self Aware)

The following FB exchange illustrates the dogmatic and intolerant behavior of those preaching "Mutual Responsibility" as dictated by Bnei Baruch's leadership. 

Posted on FB group page by BB member April 3, 2013

Unemployment has risen and crime is on the rise

As man speaks ill of each other releasing his spies

The markets crash and then rise again

As everyone waits for the crisis to end

Education, health care and the

BB Kabbalah

The Truth you will not be told elderly at risk

As the rich get richer and the poor get tricked

This thing we call the crisis at hand

It’s not about the money but the inner relations of man

Using each other for the sake of ones gains

As we make the same choices, expecting new results, that’s insane

Our choices must change from what we all know

To a place that’s uncomfortable, but where we know we must go

This place that two words best describes

A concept that within us we all have tried to hide

Mutual Responsibility is for what the public cries

Where we care about the sisters and brothers rising about all the lies

Where we unite together to rise above this crisis at hand

United in love above the hatred the true destiny of man

Reply by former BB member

Listen, we had some great times and some most miserable times (mostly) in BB, but the sooner you realize that you got yourself into the worst lie of your life, the sooner you will be able to actually do something truly positive with it. Or you are free to choose your spiritual death with Bnei Baruch, which will be very painful for me to witness. This that I am telling you is called MY responsibility, even though, most likely, it will not be "mutual", because for that the other side has to be equally responsible.

BB member's response:

The only one confused here is you. If you can not support the efforts here then go the hell away 

Beyond the humor

It would be a relief if this was all just laughable, like the funnies, and the silly pictures we are using here. But the reality of it is that it is not amusing in the least. On the contrary it is extremely painful and this silly humor is only attempting to make the best of it, to show the "bright side" of life, and to take the heaviness of the truth away. 

And what is the truth?

The truth is that a reality has unfolded in the world. It is known by the name of Bnei Baruch and it is an intricate web of thought reform techniques weaved by Michael Laitman, using the fervent and blind loyalty of a handful of Israeli men. They are called the "inner group". Nobody outside that inner group is part of the deliberations motivating BB's actions, but orders come out of there and spread throughout the world by way of the internet in a matter of minutes. The "enlightened" members of Bnei Baruch, those who do follow the orders of Laitman and his delegates, go to work immediately to realize the desires of their inner group leaders. By following orders, submitting themselves to three hours of daily live online lessons with Laitman (if they are men), and volunteering their time and work for Bnei Baruch (especially if they are women, as in BB that's the only way to their "spiritual" attainment), Bnei Baruch followers believe themselves to be walking in the path of sanctity, and they think their highest priority is their personal correction. For such goal they will sacrifice their families, finances and health, because their "Rav" ("Great One") tells them it is the very reason they were born.

Yet in BB no personal correction is possible without passing on the method to the rest of the world. This is one of the Doublethink traps in Bnei Baruch's dogmatic doctrine. On the one hand Rav Laitman (or Laitman The Great One) tells his followers that the world is perfect and given to us in the ideal condition for our development; yet when it comes down to bringing people into Laitman's web of thought reform, then the world is in a desperate crisis, and that is the reason why people need Kabbalah in general, and him in particular. So why would a perfect world need the help of an imperfect man? There is only one explanation that can possibly be implied in Bnei Baruch's ideological indoctrination: Laitman is the emanation of the very mythical Creator. He is the materialization of His Will, The Thought, The Action, The Word that comes from Above. Laitman is too intelligent to articulate this in words. He goes further and deeper. As in the movie "Inception", he will put the seed of the thought in people's minds without actually having to say it. How? By using people's deepest desires and infusing subliminal desperation, communicating to them how powerlesss they are without his "advice"; by twisting that "advice" into making them work for his will, dance to the tune he is playing. First Laitman makes an appeal to compassion (although in reality he is appealing to self-pity in disguise) and then, once he weakens his victims with a greater illusion of their own despair, he turns into a fear monger puppeteer pulling the strings of his diminished puppet-followers. Concealing his manipulative genius behind the mask of the Kabbalah, Laitman is able to break people's will and manipulate their minds at the level of absolute rule by divine power. 

The terrifying part is the realization that the most intelligent and brightest, the most educated and accomplished people can fall in Laitman's web of thought reform. They will even read this and still insist that people's thinking does need reformation, and Laitman is the one who must bring it to them. And thus many intelligent, articulate and hardworking people like Patrick Legault put all their effort into the front organization called Mutual Responsibilty. 

Michael Laitman understands that in our times it is almost impossible to successfully use claims of religious or political dogma, and not wanting to run the risk of appearing a radical fanatic, he uses social crises across the board, attracts people by appealing to depression and lack of satisfaction, and tells his followers to "disseminate" Bnei Baruch's ideology by infiltrating social events, like the 99% and "occupy" movements, popular causes (for example, educational or health reforms) and current concerns (economic crisis, etc). In order to minimize the possibility of being questioned, he commnads his followers to work under a name and logo not associated with Bnei Baruch and his own kabbalah lessons. By doing this, not only more mainstream members can be recruited, but even more importantly, connections to the dominant social order can be established through Laitman's followers, whose minds are completely reformed with his ideas and yet they remain unaware of the manipulations and implications. These followers have the potential to become influential elements in mainstream society which then Laitman can continue to manipulate as in the case of when he ORDERED people to vote for Romney.

The saddest part for us yet is that we (the contributors to this site) were part of the brainwashing and its propagation. This is not something that happened to "others", it happened to us. Our thoughts were polluted with lies, our actions were manipulated with false claims which we were not empowered to question, we were part of Mutual Responsibility projects, of Education Teams, we were caught in the Bnei Baruch web of deceit and injected with Laitman's poison. We made friends who are still being used by Laitman as his greatest weapon of indoctrination. We learned that a great part of them not only are unable to see what Laitman is doing, but have very good intentions, and think themselves to be honestly working for true brotherly love and a better world. We could say the same thing about Germans when they supported the Nazi party. The Germans were not an evil nation. They were a great nation of thinkers, artists and humanists. But a wave of crisis turned them into a nation vulnerable to manipulation through fear and illusions. 

Yet we are not the victims, we are the ones that made it out of Bnei Baruch in one piece. What is heartbreaking for us is that those who were our friends are the victims and they are still there. Those whose very good intentions and hearts we got to know, but who are unable to see the truth. They are still trapped in BB's web, while they have their minds intoxicated with Laitman's spells of semantic smoke. Many of them even beyond any hope, these friends are yielding their will to Laitman's destructive intentions. And others keep falling in BB's deceiving web.

Many claim to offer you unique and authentic paths out of this world. Join our site and participate in forum discussions about different spiritual paths and possible signs of cult structure. Help people reveal how they may be unaware victims of subtle and damaging mind control patterns. Register

"How do we get all our people to vote for Romney - and not only ours???

they must know that this is my opinion.

Just do it!!!

This is an order - through Obama there won't be correction in the world!"

Michael Laitman

Internal Email Sent to BB North American Groups Sept. 4, 2012

"Better to be wrong with the group, than correct against it"

BB Ideological Commandment