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BB Kabbalah

The Truth you will not be told

From a description in a YouTube video of a Mutual Responsibility Round Table Discussion, hosted by Patrick:

 “Patrick Legault, Mutual Responsibility Toronto: Patrick Legault has been a member of Mutual Responsibility since its inception. He spends his evenings and weekends volunteering with Mutual Responsibility, organizing and developing materials for the North American public. During the day he is a contractor and has a background in sales and service."

When somebody like Patrick Legault commits suicide, we cannot dismiss it as some personal “illness” or “emotional imbalance” detached from the rest of his life, as Bnei Baruch officials tried to do. And what was Patrick’s life? Patrick’s most important priority was his spiritual development, and unfortunately this is what led him to dedicate 100% of his time to Bnei Baruch. Having worked and known Patrick Legault I can confidently and safely testify that Patrick’s life was Bnei Baruch. 

Patrick was a highly intelligent, articulate, hardworking and passionate young man, and the Bnei Baruch’s organization was quick to take advantage of all his charismatic qualities. He was absorbed into the Toronto group, and soon recruited to instruct Kabbalah classes online. These live classes were broadcast twice a week for 75 minutes. In addition, there was 30 minutes of preparation for the entire broadcast team prior to going on air, and instructors needed several hours of study and meetings for preparation. This instruction enterprise alone could easily demand 10 weekly hours. 

Then there was the Mutual Responsibility activities. If Patrick, the host in this video, spent his evenings and weekends volunteering in the organization and development of materials for this program, we could fairly add 10 more hours. In addition, Patrick participated in the group’s Children’s Program. So we can easily deduce that Patrick would dedicate 20 hours of work every week to Bnei Baruch. This is only half of the story, the “bestowing” part. Then there is the “receiving” part. He was expected, or rather, pressured to attend, 3 daily hours of lessons online with Michael Laitman, 7 days a week (including internal broadcasts on Fridays) live from Israel, which would end Patrick's hardworking day around midnight. This puts us at around 40 hours a week of dedication into the Bnei Baruch “group”. 

And yet that’s not all. Bnei Baruch “managers” always “manage” to organize additional “social” events, group meetings, committee responsibilities, “special” dissemination projects, congress support activities… YOU NAME IT!! So for many, the result of this is that there is no such thing as “family” life outside the Bnei Baruch “family”. There are no other friends, because they are not dedicated to "the goal”. Only the most basic “obligations” are "morally" excused by the group (and God forbid they are for pure fun). The only “fun” is to give to the “group”, and the only TRUE “group” is Bnei Baruch, because that’s the only place where the “creator” is, and thus BB is the environment with the only TRUE method. And this is what Patrick wholeheartedly believed. That is the reason why his life was Bnei Baruch. Unfortunately for him, he was led to believe a lie, and desiring it to be true while obviuosly feeling it was not, this lie could have easily become an unbereable internal conflict likely to lead a person to suicide.

It sounds obvious enough when reading this and it looks like one would not be caught in BB's web of lies easily, yet it could not be further from the truth. Things in real life do not happen as clearly as described here. Nobody realizes how they are being absorbed by the hardcore members’ appeal to the newcomers' innermost desires, the enthusiasm BB members put on and how they lure people with false claims and false images. BB "intelligent cells" design very careful strategies for what they call an "absorption committee", implemented in the physical local groups. The "social", "welcoming" and "absorption" committees are in charge of distorting all kinds of perceptions, including legitimate scientific facts. These layers of group structure are backed up by a manipulation of kabbalistic wisdom led by Laitman and his closest Israeli men. Together, all the factors of this social engineering add up to a dishonest environment for the sake of truth and soul searching, which can then be used by Laitman as he pleases. 

So... why faking it? Because Michael Laitman says so, and he is The Kabbalist, assumed to be in direct contact with the mythical Creator, and to be passing down the Higher Word, which the Lower Ones are to obey if they desire to also participate in that light coming through Laitman. And these are his words:

How do we do it? Kabbalists tell us: “We discovered that it can be done by way of exercises if you practice them within the framework of your relations with the friends. They don’t sense the wide reality either, but you can start playing a game among yourselves. Begin to unite, care about each other, build up a society where everyone will motivate the others to bestow, love, and reciprocate". It is similar to your rising above your egoism, and even though in reality it’s all just a game and you are moved by the ego, still, the very efforts will develop new tendencies in you. Due to these new impressions, you will advance. Even if bestowal and oneness are out of reach, keep playing, act in this small world of yours." 

Play The Game Of Bestowal, Laitman - May 2nd 2011

Yet he doesn't mention who are the "kabbalists" that tells us so, and it cannot be found in any of the kabbalistic writings. Instead, we can read that a spiritual search is not a make-believe game, like Laitman wants his followers to think. Rather we hear that a spiritual search for enlightenment is a very difficult and serious enterprise, to which for the most part we come unwillingly and unprepared. Kabbalah is supposed to provide a safe environment, one that is based on true friendship (not fake ones aimed at ulterior goals), a friendship that supports and seeks honesty and truth, and thus it could not possibly be a fake game.

Once a person has spent sometime in the "group", and develops friendships or associations and certain attachments, it's very hard to leave even if only for the friends and family that may be involved, and it's easier to at least want to believe it will work, similar to the situation with dysfunctional families or abusive relationships. In fact, Laitman appeals to the sense of dispair that people have in crisis; he lures those who are most vulnerable emotionally, thus in a weaker state, easier to control. 

In reality Bnei Baruch not only does not provide such caring environment of truth, but by faking it, it provides THE OPPOSITE, an environment based on pressure, coercion, hierarchy and the hatred those forces necessarily generate. This environment will easily drive a good, trusting and passionate truth seeker to suicide. Here is some evidence pointing to it:

“This idea of being broken, of experiencing failure and feeling psychologically and spiritually impotent is also related to the archetypal “Dark Night of the Soul,” an inner, psychospiritual experience which involves descending into the darkness─similar to the archetypal descent of the shaman into the underworld─which is the very process through which the light is discovered. This is similar to the personal process of spiritual emergence, which almost always looks like a nervous “breakdown.” The person who is spiritually awakening is typically experienced to be “falling into pieces,” as their psyche “melts down” and disintegrates, all potentially leading towards a higher form of integration more in alignment with their deeper, intrinsic wholeness." Paul Levy The Kabbalah's Remarkable Idea 

Nobody can claim that Patrick found an environment that supported him in his breaking through the light. In fact, he found no support, and he must have become aware of it. In carefully examining Patrick's photograph with Laitman (above) we can observe that while he conveys respect and admiration in his greeting, Laitman is concerned with posing for the camera, as an important stateman in a propaganda campaign. Alone as he must have felt witnessing the lies, Patrick could not make it to his potential of "a higher form of integration more in alignment with his deeper intrinsic wholeness". We, those putting together this site, did not find any support in Bnei Baruch for years either, but when Patrick killed himself, we made a different choice. Instead of choosing the lies of the group above ourselves, we chose ourselves, and left Bnei Baruch so that we could finally BE FREE to tell the world about their lies. 

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